ACE Regulatory Change is the only consultancy in the Netherlands that specializes in advice and guidance on complex and far-reaching laws and regulations in the financial sector.

Our clients include banks, insurance companies, asset managers, pension funds and regulators. We distinguish ourselves through the combination of three qualities: knowledge of and experience with legislation and regulations, knowledge of the financial sector and long-term experience with change management in complex environments. Our consultants balance content and process in such a way that they, together with you, make Regulatory Change a success.

Small teams, great impact and added value
Our customers appreciate our approach, knowledge and vision on the current challenges with ever increasing complexity and requirements of regulators and supervisors. Whether it is an impact assessment, operational readiness assessment or integrated regulatory control, such as BCBS239 or MiFid II, we always work with small management teams, who commit themselves to the experts within your organization. We offer our knowledge, we provide insight and we help you to direct the change. 

Connect and collaborate on the basis of best practices
We connect teams, departments and disciplines within your organization and use our best practices to make your organization perform. Through our positioning as an independent specialist agency, we also work together easily and effectively with other parties. Think of the well-known large, consulting and (IT) implementation parties that have more of a "department store model".

Our services

ACE helps you with advice and direction in Regulatory Change issues, for both new and existing legislation and regulations. 

Existing legislation
When it comes to existing legislation, we are often asked to assist clients before, during and after supervisors have delivered on-site visit reports. ACE then helps to structure improvement programs in order to mitigate the risks identified by the supervisors, we are talking about Remediation. 

New legislation
New legislation is primarily concerned with gaining insight into the impact on the entire organization. Which license holders do you have? Are all license holders really necessary or can entities be merged? Is it possible to shift activities between entities so that it is easier to comply with new legislation? How can we organize the organization as simply as possible? Our adage is therefore: organize first, and then implement.