Adapt to improve – Creating responsive organizations

The goal of Adaptif is to better align organizations with the environment in which they operate and thereby become more successful. We increase the strength of organizations by helping them to adapt to the contemporary reality of an ever faster changing world.

Organizations increasingly experience the need to become more agile, digitize, focus on customer satisfaction,  shorten the  time-to-market and also reduce costs. Existing structures and ways of working are no longer sufficient, so that organizations are looking for better alternatives, such as  agile . The strength of Adaptif is in the integral and organization-wide approach with focus on the intended organizational objectives.

We help organizations to successfully introduce new ways of working that match the intended goals. To make the change, and thus the organization, successful, we focus on the entire organization. This approach results more than once in a transformation to an agile way of working and product or chain management.

Through targeted approach, insight is gained into the bottlenecks in the transformation from the current situation to the intended situation. Many organizations start enthusiastically with the implementation of agile work and get it done at team level. The connection with the rest of the organization is, however, insufficient or not made, so that the real potential is never realized. A significant improvement with regard to business objectives is therefore not achieved.

We believe that the implementation of a new way of working is not just an ICT affair, but also an organizational and change management issue. Expertise in all these dimensions is important to be successful. We use our own proven methodology and approach, tailored to the specific situation of the customer. 

With a view to quality and depth, we focus on a small number of services, often in combination with each other. Adaptif offers consultancy, guidance and execution of transitions of the way of working, coaching and filling in content roles in agile environments, such as experienced and certified Scrum Masters and Product Owners.

In addition to the practical implementation of the substantive role, our people also offer support in supervising teams and transitions. If more intensive supervision of teams is necessary, such as the start of an agile transformation or the desire to grow to a higher level, we also deploy experienced coaches.

In addition to the substantive and coaching roles, we focus for an important part on supervising transitions of entire organizations or a part thereof. One of the first steps in these processes is mapping out the intended goals and determining the accompanying transition approach.

Using various assessments, among other things, we map out the change needs of the organization and make the challenges transparent. Our extensive experience enables us to identify visible and invisible bottlenecks and opportunities. Based on this, we make concrete proposals for improvement and guide the implementation of the transition. 

The guidance goes beyond just offering support to a number of teams. Adaptif works in close cooperation with the client towards the intended final situation, whereby we continuously make results transparent. This cooperation takes place at all levels of the organization, from the teams up to and including the board of directors.

The transition from the existing situation to the desired situation must of course take place in a controlled manner. The experience in guiding this total transition in all layers of the organization is the distinctiveness of Adaptif.