AT Osborne

We Osborners like to make the world around us a bit nicer and better. Not with high-sounding ideals in our heads, but with practical solutions to complex problems that our society has to deal with. We are experts with a mission. We like to put our teeth into seemingly insoluble puzzles, we quickly remove faltering projects and shine our light on legal bottlenecks. We enjoy working intensively with each other and together with you to create a better living environment to give space to people, people just like us and people just like you.

What makes us different is that we make connections between the parties involved, between plans and practice and between you and us. We are persistent because we know from experience that there is a solution for every problem. How far this sometimes seems to be sought in the daily, unruly practice. With our many talents, we are able to look from different perspectives like no other. With over 150 specialists, we work with you to achieve the best result.

Work with

Our clients are located in the public sector as well as outside. Important public clients are ministries, provinces and municipalities. In addition, we are very active in the healthcare sector, in educational institutions, housing corporations and business service providers. We are active in the fields Housing & Real Estate, Infrastructure, Area Development and Environment. You can also come to us for interim assignments, public management and legal advice or advocacy.

The services provided by AT Osborne cover the entire range from strategy to implementation. Think of feasibility research, concept development, drafting a program of requirements, housing management, interim management, project and process management, program management, environmental management, construction costs advice and financial management, facility management, legal advice, interim management, communication, contracting and tender, risk management, quality management, second opinions, project audits and training courses.

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