B&A is an executive and consultancy organization in the social domain. Within the social domain we focus on the areas of well-being and care, young people and participation & activating work.


As an executive organization in the neighborhood, we focus on the less able and vulnerable people and we also look at how we can involve self-reliant people. The aim is that people regain control of their lives and take a role in the social environment that suits them and gives them satisfaction. Our execution operates locally under names such as Civic Amsterdam and PIT 010.


Unique to B&A is that we also have a separate advisory group, which has a lot of experience in advising on welfare and care, young people and work. Our commitment is requested by governments, non-profit organizations, public implementing organizations and branch organizations. We provide our clients with a wide range of services, such as support in policy development, project management, process management, training, but also conducting research, evaluations and audit and audit studies.

Our people

Around 150 employees work at B&A in total. All work from our values ​​positivity, decisiveness and involvement. The values ​​are our common compass and form the basis on which we make our decisions. Our employees are experts in the social domain. The combination of implementation and advice makes us special in the market. The two activities reinforce each other and this leads to an innovative approach with clear results. With this we contribute to a vital society.