Buitenhuis advies

Buitenhuis Advies is a consultancy for hospital and medical specialist. Every day, Buitenhuis Advies consultants work on improving business operations in healthcare. Buitenhuis Advies assists hospitals and medical specialists in determining and achieving their goals in a demanding environment.

ICT advice for hospitals
In hospitals, the primary care process is largely and increasingly dependent on optimal ICT facilities. It is therefore essential to lay a good IT foundation when planning a new construction, renovation or replacement project. Buitenhuis Advies guides hospitals in this and can also carry out program management or project management for these projects.

In addition to ICT advice on renovation and renovation projects, consultants from Buitenhuis Advies also lead ICT programs, including continuous investments or innovation programs.

Business management medical specialist care
The core of your Medical Specialist Company is the provision of good, efficient and effective care. However, the activities of an MSB extend further from collaboration with hospital or other healthcare providers to (internally oriented) business operations and optimization of business processes.

Buitenhuis Advies supports MSBs on various fronts with specific files or long-term support in management. Your internal processes and external relations depend on a well-functioning business device. Buitenhuis Advies is of the opinion that the MSBs, usually recently established, can only develop from a stable basis into efficient organizations. We can help you with this.

A decisive daily management and / or director's position guarantees the continuity of the MSB. With the help of correct and regular management information, supported by clear analyzes, you can effectively shape your decision-making. Buitenhuis Advies provides both for the organization of your organization and for providing analyzes and advice on the issues that matter to you at that time.

You will have to further develop the MSB for the coming years: where do you want to go? How do you formulate a vision and give substance to the collaboration with the hospital? How does your MSB profile itself in the region? Strategically, Buitenhuis Advies asks the right sharp questions to guide your MSB towards a future-proof existence.