Cegeka Consulting

Cegeka Consulting is the IT consultancy company of Cegeka, a leading European provider of ICT solutions. We specialize in cloud, workspace, security, data and analytics, outsourcing and the optimization of applications, infrastructure and business processes. We help organizations with their digital transformation through advice, implementation and management of the latest technology. We connect the possibilities of ICT with the people, goals and motives of organizations. So that they are successful today and tomorrow.

We are strong in IT and understand how an organization works. Together we help companies, institutions and governments to get the most out of ICT. In this way they function smoothly, safely and securely and can continue to innovate. ICT is not only about bits and bytes, but mainly about people. Our professionals know that. Sometimes a little stubborn, with the latest insights and always people-oriented. Cegeka Consulting ensures that organizations are ready for the future.