Genex Partners

Genex Partners is an independent consulting firm based in Japan and offices across the world to assist you with global and local support via the Cordence Worldwide network.

Genex was founded in 2011 by former management consultants to help clients achieve their business goals and solve management issues by pursuing excellence in quality of our services. We believe the true value of organization lies in people and their successful project experience bring long lasting values to the organization. We work as an executor, advisor, partner, coach or trainer to guide various layers of people in client organization formulate strategies and solve complex business problems. With our expertise and networks with specialists in various industries, we work with large global healthcare, finance and manufacturing companies as well as private equity funds and local based mid-size organization. 

We have clients reaching out to us from our reputation and track records. Some of the common inquiries include healthcare companies seeking advice on safety compliance, private equity funds in need for partner to enhance corporate value of their portfolio companies and large corporation implementing Lean Six Sigma to install management system and operational excellence.

We stick to serving our clients with excellence in what we deliver. This is not just the amount of financial benefits or quality of reports but also the sense of partnership and trust we build with our clients. Our focus on people and organization dynamics make us special and enable us to deliver results.

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