Hogenhouck m&a

The world is digitizing and globalizing and that is moving very fast. How do you remain relevant as a company? That is a serious challenge. Acquiring a business or selling your business can accelerate new prospects. For your company to grow further or for yourself to take a new path. Hogenhouck m & a guides and advises entrepreneurs in this all-determining step in entrepreneurship.

Track record in mergers and acquisitions

Hogenhouck m & a has been involved in the world of mergers and acquisitions for a while. Since 2007, we have supervised more than 135 mergers and company acquisitions, often with a size between 5 and 150 million euros. Our clients are usually entrepreneurs with technology-driven companies in sectors such as IT, (wholesale) trade, consultancies, food, lifestyle. As a partner of CDI Global, we can also optimally support entrepreneurs internationally. We are proud of our track record and, above all, of the wealth of priceless experience we have built up.