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Organizational consultancy House of Performance improves performance in the workplace. Getting the best out of people is always central to our approach. Writing thick reports, we do not. We ensure that plans in terms of customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and improving business results are realized in a sustainable way. In doing so, we always take a close look at processes, control, behavior and leadership and adjust where necessary.

Lean philosophy

The Lean philosophy was originally developed in the production environment and focuses on the removal of waste and the matching of value-added processes. House of Performance is a specialist in using and applying the basis of this philosophy in service environments. The focus is on striving for maximum customer value through continuous improvement. In order for organizations to be effective in this, House of Performance translates this focus into a plan of action and insights aimed at what this means for both managers and employees.

Learning organizations

In addition to individuals, companies also achieve better performance when they learn to be agile in a continuously changing environment. House of Performance helps companies to better anticipate the changing market by growing towards learning organizations. In order to establish the basis of a learning organization, House of Performance calls into question the assumptions behind existing actions and makes interventions that touch the core of the people involved. Learning organizations are successful because they are able to respond to changing circumstances faster than the competition.


Our clients are among the top 10 in the banking, insurance, healthcare, public transportation, local government and energy sectors. We like to work together with people with a straight back, customers who are honest and always persevere in a change. They can also expect that from the consultants of House of Performance.

Most frequently asked customer questions

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