IG&H Consulting & Interim

IG&H Consulting & Interim is growing and is the leading independent consultancy in the Netherlands. IG&H was founded in 1988 by Jan van Hasenbroek and Kees van der Geer from their student room in Rotterdam. 25 years later, 150 IG&H Consulting & Interim professionals have been driven every day to make the difference to customers and employees.

We work for leading companies in three sectors: Financial Services, Health and Retail, Trade & Logistics. We are proud of our customer satisfaction (the Net Promoter Score (NPS)) of 49, our employee satisfaction (MTO) of 8.1 and the top 10 listing in the NRC best employers election the past year.

Making the difference
Consultancy is top sport, you develop and challenge yourself is the norm. A step better every day. For example, we enable leading companies in Financial Services, Health and Retail to make real renewal layers. If you want to discover how we make the difference with our customers, we would like to invite you to read more about this on our website.

The IG&H culture is characterized by accessibility, transparency and balance. No glass ceiling, holy houses or closed doors. Working in a safe environment without politics. Everyone is approachable, regardless of job level. Very nice. We can see that we are transparent and open in our office, in our salary house, and in our open feedback culture. Being able to be yourself is a precondition for being successful. This includes a good balance between work and private life, because you are more than just your work.