PNO Consultants

Public financing and innovation management

PNO specializes in public financing and innovation management. We support organizations in realizing subsidy and financing for investments and innovation projects. In addition, we offer consultancy services with which organizations can increase the impact of their innovations, from idea to successful market introduction.

Public financing

With our extensive knowledge of regional, national and international subsidies we help parties realize their ambitions. To this end, PNO provides support at all stages of the subsidy process, including grant scans and analyzes, writing grant applications and project proposals and providing and supporting compliance and process management services.

Innovation management

Our innovation services are aimed at strengthening the impact of the innovation processes at our customers. We have an extensive range of services for this, such as innovation and organizational advice, stakeholder analysis, project development, partner research, market and user analysis and dissemination and communication services.

Our experts

Some 270 professionals work at PNO in Europe, including consultants, scientists, engineers, EU policy experts and tax, financial and legal experts. We are Europe's largest independent public finance adviser and realize an annual average of around 1 billion euros for our customers.

Ask us your question. We like to help you

Start-up, SME, multinational, university, sector fund or government. No matter which organization you represent, we are happy to help you realize your ambitions. We do this from your region in the Netherlands: PNO has offices in Eindhoven, Groningen, Enschede, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Rijswijk, Amsterdam and Utrecht. Or from one of the six EU member states where we also have offices. Mail us and you will receive a response from a specialist within one working day. If there are financing options, we will find it for you.


A selection of our services: Innovation and organization consultancy, Financing and subsidy advice, Innovation analysis and development, Tax advice, Objection and appeal procedures, Project development, Time to Market analysis, Project and partner search, Design and maintenance of subsidy administration and Financial project management.