FAQ for buying consulting services

Want to hire a consulting firm, a team of consultants or an independent consultant? Consultancy.org's list of frequently asked questions provides buyers of consultancy services – business leaders and procurement – with in-depth information in order to make the right hiring decision and come through the consultant contracting process.

About consultants

Hiring a consultant

Hiring a consulting firm

Contracting a consulting firm / consultant

Fees of consultants

  • How much do external consultants charge?
  • How much do consulting firms charge?
  • Why are consultants so expensive?
  • How much should I pay an external consultant?
  • Are consultants worth the money?

Working with consultants

  • How to work effectively with consultants
  • Tips for working with external consultants
  • Leading consultants to meet expectations
  • Avoiding that consultants becoming employees
  • Ensuring handover from consultants to employees

Using internal consultants

  • What is an internal consultant?
  • What does an internal consultant do?
  • Internal consultants versus external consultants: the differences
  • The benefits of using in-house consultants
  • Challenges faced by internal consultants
  • The disadvantages of using internal consulting
  • How to establish an in-house consulting group
  • How to build an internal consulting team

For procurement teams

  • The procurement process for consulting services
  • How do I make a longlist of consulting firms?
  • How do I make a shortlist of consulting firms?
  • Selection criteria for procuring consulting services
  • Hiring consultants: Quality-Based Selection (QBS)
  • Hiring consultants: Quality and Cost-Based Selection (QCBS)
  • Hiring consultants: Selection under a Fixed Budget (FBS)
  • Hiring consultants: Least Cost-Based Selection (LCS)
  • Hiring consultants: Single Source Selection (SSS)
  • Hiring consultants: Consultants Qualification Selection (CQS) method
  • Comparing the track record of consulting firms
  • How do you evaluate the work of consultants?

Last updated: 26 June 2020