Consulting platform achieves 10 million milestone

17 May 2020 4 min. read

Within two years of launching globally, has welcomed its 10 millionth visitor.

In August 2018, launched with the aim of providing the consulting industry with a worldwide overview of developments, to help executives with their consultancy buying decisions and to support professionals / graduates with finding the right job in consulting. 

Since then, our 12 platforms for regional/local consulting markets have seen strong growth. Hitting a major milestone, last month’s network broke through the 10 million visitors barrier following launch. Meanwhile, our follower base has grown to 500,000+ consultants (LinkedIn member group) and 50,000+ on social channels. 

Having laid the fundament, we are now embarking on our next growth phase as we grow towards 10 million visitors per annum by 2021 year end. And, we are on the verge of launching a unique new service for consultancy buyers (i.e. managers and procurement). welcomes 10 million visitors

This would never have been possible without the great journalism, insights and commitment from our team. At, we pride ourselves on our cultural diversity – members of our 15-strong team originate from 10 different countries: the Netherlands, UK, Lebanon, Germany, Ukraine, India, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

And of course without the support of the 170+ leading consulting firms that today partner with us, with a special thanks to our global partners and regional partners. Their support helps us realise our mission, journalism and fuel further growth. We are a non-financially backed business with a new-age media business model, with all revenues coming from partnerships with consulting firms.

If you are a partner at a consulting firm not yet working with us (check it here), join our platform to support our mission, and more importantly, unlock a range of branding, reputation, business development, recruitment and social benefits for your consultancy. We aim at growing our consulting partnerships to over 250 next year, and can onboard ~5 consultancies per month. 

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