DuPont Sustainable Solutions celebrates first year of independence

02 September 2020 4 min. read

DuPont Sustainable Solutions has celebrated its one-year anniversary as an independent consulting firm, following its separation from parent DuPont. Over the past twelve months, the operations consultancy has enjoyed strong growth in terms of headcount and revenue, even amid the coronavirus crisis.

Having been helping industrial companies with operations improvements and workplace safety for more than 50 years, the former consulting unit of US chemicals giant DuPont struck out as an independent company in 2019. Named DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS), the spun-off consulting firm started out with more than 900 professionals spread across 38 global offices, including its headquarters in Geneva, and regional headquarters in Singapore, Sao Paolo, and Wilmington.

It may only be one year since DuPont Sustainable Solutions first decided to go it alone, but a great deal has changed already. According to Chief Executive Officer Davide Vassallo, the firm experienced an 8% year-on-year increase in revenues during its first six months of operation, while it increased its total global employees headcount by 7%.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions celebrates  strong first year of independence.

With demand from clients in mining and metals, food and beverage and utilities among particularly strong, the firm strengthened its capabilities and service offerings accordingly. The addition of Lodestone Partners in the first quarter of 2020 for example bolstered its offerings in the mining and resource industry.

Commenting on the firm’s first anniversary, Vassallo said, “I am very proud of all that DSS has achieved on behalf of our clients and internally as an independent company during the past year.”

Covid-19 response

Obviously, the first year has not been without its challenges. Having decided to spin-off just months before an unprecedented pandemic swept the world – accompanying a historic recession – the firm has had to contend with a rapidly shrinking demand for consulting, as many clients seek to tighten their belts and see out the coming storm.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions was able to quickly adapt to the situation, however, so that – as so many consultants like to state – the crisis also presented them with an opportunity.

Vasallo explained, “Despite the difficulties presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have thrived, innovated, successfully solved our clients’ challenges and strongly positioned itself to deliver sustainable results for our clients well into the future.”

The consultancy customised its client offerings for Covid-19 response and recovery needs among its clients, and rapidly developed a suite of solutions to enable business leaders to prevent the community spread of Covid-19 and mitigate its economic impact.

“On behalf of DSS’ employees around the globe, I would like to thank our clients for being a part of this journey with us during this past year.”

The global consulting firm also offered clients management counsel to help them protect their workforce and reduce the risk of exposure while on the job, effectively manage a remote workforce, improve leadership capabilities and skills, successfully restart operations following a prolonged shut-down, and plan for recovery and future business continuity.

With the growing importance on remote work to clients amid the lockdown, DuPont Sustainable Solutions also strengthened its digital services offering. With operations becoming increasingly digitalised, the firm invested significantly in developing digital tools that enable clients to achieve results faster and more efficiently to drive step change improvements in safety and risk management.

All this also meant that DSS was able to continue strengthening its reputation, picking up awards for its contributions to clients, including being named the globe's top consulting firm for environment, health and safety.