The Irish management consulting market is worth around €700 million, roughly one-tenth the size of the UK consulting industry. Growth has been strong in recent years, ranging between 6% and 11%.

Irish GDP recorded strong growth rates between 2014 and 2016, pushed up by the unprecedented rise of net exports. The economy of Ireland has benefited from a weak Euro and strong economic performance among key trading partners, in addition, reforms, particularly in the financial services sector, have played a role in strengthening the Irish financial system.

Irish Consulting Industry

The growth of the Irish management consulting market is in line with economic (GDP) performance, as management consultancy turnover has continuously increased over the past years, at an average annual rate of about 7%. As it stand, Ireland's consulting market is estimated to be worth approximately €700 million, according to the Irish Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers (IMCA). 

The industry employs more than 4,000 professionals, of which 90% work as consultants and 10% are staff at consulting firms. Small and mid-sized consulting firms employ almost 50% of total management consulting employees.

An analysis of fee income by service lines highlights the predominance of the Operations and Technology segments (30% and 23% respectively), followed by Strategy and People & Change at 17% and 11% respectively. In terms of Client Industries, the Public Sector represents the largest share of the Irish management consulting turnover (25%), followed by Consumer & Industrial Products (22%) and Financial services (21%).

Irish Consulting Market

In terms of geographic scope, 89% of the revenue stems from domestic engagements, while 10% of consulting work is geared at international markets, with 10% exported towards EU countries and only 1% of exports destined for clients outside the EU.