What we do

Working together on insight and perspective
Adlasz is a company that focuses on local government and the social domain. Professionals who are involved in strategic advice. Professionals when it comes to interim management. Innovators who are busy developing the tools of tomorrow. We believe in clear, structured and innovative solutions for our customers. We make complex matters understandable. We focus on collaboration; both internally and with our customers and partners.

Who we are

We solve it personally
The developments in the public domain follow each other at lightning speed. Certainly for local government organizations that brings a lot of pressure. More work with fewer people and less budget, three decentralisations at the same time, reinforced need for regional cooperation, to name just a few developments.

This requires enormous effort from municipalities, SW companies and other organizations in the (semi) public sector. They can only realize these in an innovative organization with a clear structure, good internal control and with professional staff. Adlasz helps clients to achieve that situation. We work with you on insight and perspective, thanks to expert, impartial and timely advice and support. Our experienced and motivated consultants and project managers are ready for you. Preferably with innovative and effective solutions that you can carry out yourself. 

Vision and mission

We want to improve the performance of our clients through expert, impartial and timely advice and support at reasonable rates. Our honest and motivated professionals are ready for clients from the (semi) public sector, but also for employers from the private sector.

Adlasz is at home in the public domain. Thanks to our years of experience, we speak the language of the municipalities, organizations and companies. We have a feeling for internal and external relations and for political forces. We can conduct diplomacy if necessary, but also ask difficult questions and increase speed if the situation demands it. Because the world is changing rapidly and requires effective innovation and collaboration across traditional borders. read more

We are always looking for talent

Developments are accelerating, both in the public and in the private sector. That is almost an open door, but you have to dare to step over the threshold. Because extensive experience is important and beautiful, but it is no longer sufficient. Working as an advisor at Adlasz sometimes also means that you and your clients start out in an area without paved roads. And that you have to cross fast-flowing rivers without a comfortable bridge. Finding a trail and pointing the way, quickly being able to understand developments and seeing through the consequences, that makes working at Adlasz challenging.