Andersson Elffers Felix

Andersson Elffers Felix (AEF) is a consultancy for social issues. Our projects are characterized by change tasking in a complex political-administrative environment, often with a large social impact. AEF offers a whole range of services, from legal evaluations to product innovations. We advise on different levels; we contribute to the renewal of systems, the change of organizations and the innovation of the implementation.

Advisors at AEF are driven by social involvement, working with a feeling for relationships and know the sectors in which they are active.

In 1982, Hans Andersson, John Elffers and Peter Felix set up AEF consultancy. AEF is an agency that has been constantly working on the obvious issues since its inception. In the early years, for example, the position of employees in companies and on the labor market and the regionalization of the Dutch police. In the 1990s, AEF played leading roles in structural changes in the systems for care and social security, the realization of the Aliens Act, and the independence of housing corporations and railways. After 2000, AEF was particularly active in the renovation of the construction sector, the safety approach in large cities and issues related to immigration and integration.

AEF stems from the pedigree of consultancy firms that goes back to the first management consultant of the Netherlands, Ernst Hijmans. Until his death in 1987 his working contacts with him were maintained. Accurate and artisanal analysis was an important element of Hijmans' work. From these film fragments, later provided with his comments, expresses a great appreciation for craftsmanship with a loving attention to detail.

Over the years, AEF has advised and guided numerous organizations with change processes and innovative concepts. Some examples are JINC, the Slinger and the Fashion Biennale in Arnhem.

Since 1988, AEF has been working at the Maliebaan in Utrecht. This office villa from 1897 was rebuilt by Mecanoo at the beginning of this century and expanded into a special 'house to work in'.