Annalize Market Intelligence is a boutique strategy consultancy firm in the Netherlands that specializes in market intelligence. Already more than 35 years ago, Annalise supports its national and international customers in making strategic decisions. And delivers factual and validated insights from the external environment of its clients on the basis of which clients can make informed decisions in the field of Corporate Strategy, Business Development and Marketing & Sales. Annalize then contributes directly to the success of our clients by translating the found Intelligence into concrete recommendations and action-oriented advice.

The obtained insights are based on Market, Competitive and / or Customer Intelligence. Annalise is working on projects with a global scope for mostly Dutch companies with an international footprint.

Cooperation in the long term
Our clients are mostly managers in the areas of business development, marketing, corporate strategy and market intelligence. Our involvement in the business of our clients is great, resulting in long-term relationships.

A unique approach
Our approach is factual and focused on the essence. Because every company and every market knows its own dynamics and development, our approach is always tailor-made. The issue and the objective of the customer is leading in this. Through a wide range and combination of analysis and research methods, we are able to support our clients in an inventive way in taking business development decisions.

Our concept
Our range of services is broad and diverse, but can always be brought back to the four most important spearheads of our service: Analysis, Advice, Process and Training. The core of our services focuses on Analysis and Advice. On the basis of our Intelligence pyramid we look at which phase, at what level and with the deployment of which services, tools and methodologies we will answer an issue.

With the Market Intelligence Maturity Model developed by Annalise, we help our clients to set up their own, appropriate to the strategy of the company, MI process and to develop the right tools and skills.

Our team of consultants
Annalize employs a highly qualified team of analytical and pragmatic academics, all with a healthy dose of business sense. As a result, there is always a link between part of the team. After graduation, part of the team started at Annalize and grew within the organization. The rest of the team has previously gained experience in other organizations, for example in the advisory sector, in a market intelligence department of a corporate or in other relevant sectors.