B2E Consulting

B2E is an innovative consulting company, created in 2004, with a flawless record of delivering projects with and for our clients.   

B2E Consulting is different because we have developed a “gig economy” engagement model; with access to c.20,000 high-calibre independent management consultants, we have successfully delivered over 700 transformation projects in the past 16 years.

Why choose B2E?

  1. We deliver QUALITY Consultants at significantly lower cost to fulfill full service assignments or individual roles.
  2. We deliver immediate access to high-calibre, consultants by leveraging the QUANTITY of experts within our B2E Community
  3. We understand transformation through the QUALITY of our B2E team sharing >200 years Top Tier consultancy experience.

Find us at www.b2econsulting.comFollow B2E Consulting on LinkedIn and Twitter

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