We assist organizations in the public sector and business around the world in solving administrative and social issues, realizing new strategies, improving performance and building and developing human capital. Pragmatic, innovative, people-oriented, unconventional and with great pleasure.

For example, our consultants have been providing professional, high-quality advice for 80 years, where our customers can build their future. Together we create new opportunities and we put our customers ahead. Our consultants are inspiring, self-willed individuals who share one big passion: organizing. We solve complex issues that organizations face by connecting our sector knowledge with substantive expertise and multidisciplinary competencies.

Knowledge and development

We pay a lot of attention to the quality and development of the professional. Because the bar is high. Our customers are entitled to good advisors and professional advice according to the latest insights. That is why the  Berenschot Academy ,  for personal reflection, experimenting and developing skills. With the Academy, Berenschot fulfills the ambition to set up high-quality training for its own advisors. There is also the Berenschot Accelerator ('our R & D Laboratory') that stimulates research into socially relevant, economical or subject-specific topics and publications.

International activities

Since 1962 Berenschot has a branch in the European  capital Brussels . In addition, we have carried out  projects worldwide for more than 30 years  . Berenschot also has offices in Africa and the Caribbean.

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