Best Value Group

Best Value Group is a consultancy firm focused on chain design. We advise large (public) clients and work together with our clients on better project results; from advice to implementation. Best Value Group advises, guides, coaches and trains organizations and takes responsibility for a high-quality end result. Our pragmatic approach is characteristic of our approach to customers.

Our mission
Our mission is to help organizations with issues related to chain design: what is the role of their own organization in the chain, which role is wise to leave to partners (suppliers) and how is the cooperation relationship with the partner? then concretely shaped?

The starting point in all our activities are the principles of the Best Value philosophy: providing space for expertise, the acceptance of expertise from others and the creation of transparency.

Best Value Group

Our passion is to make chains work faster, better and smarter by creating transparency. This goes beyond purchasing and sales and requires a system approach. From the interests of the customer, the cooperation between all parties in the chain must be thought through. This starts with the customer with the purchasing strategy, in which the strategic choices such as cutting up, contract form and form of cooperation are weighed. These choices are then worked out in a more detailed (purchasing) plan. In the cooperation between the purchasing and selling parties, the search is for expertise that maximally contributes to the project goals or organizational goals of the customer. In the execution of the project, the cooperation is central, with all parties involved realizing the customer value as well as possible.

Focus areas

  • Purchasing strategy
  • Purchasing plan
  • Best Value guidance
  • Best Value training courses

The training courses of Best Value Group are valued on average with a 4.6 (scale 1-5).