Our conviction

Together with our clients, they are the driving and reliable force in realizing their ambitions! That is what we stand for. 

It is crucial for every organization to be able to adjust quickly in order to better connect to the ever faster changing environment or to initiate changes in the environment itself. This leads to business transformations from small to large. 

We believe that consultancy must quickly lead to demonstrable customer value, something that is not always self-evident. We also believe that the realization and implementation is the proof of the advice, you can not see that separately. That is why our approach and methodology is also different, based on a practical approach with best practices and experience. We therefore speak of change management: guiding an intended goal through a change from start to finish (with demonstrable results), with a clear focus on the success factors, such as the human aspects and the intended added value. This requires different skills than traditional program and project management.

An own approach and methodology

Since our foundation in early 2007, we have always had the same goal: shoulder to shoulder with our customers realize their ambitions through focus on realization of customer value. The long-term relationships that we have already built up underline this: we are seen by our customers as a trusted advisor. Not only from an advisory role, but also the direction of realization and implementation, up to and including the realization of the business value for our customers. In this we excel by our hands-on approach, our capabilities & experience and the ownership that we show. Our independent position as a boutique consultancy agency contributes to this: our aim is to make as much use as possible of our clients' own employees when it comes to change processes. in addition, we often send the preferred supplier (s). We fulfill a directing role. Partly thanks to this objective and transparent approach, we can successfully guide change processes.

Our services focus on directing change processes (business & ICT). We do this as a product owner and program and project manager, where our people make the difference. That is also one of our spearheads: attract, develop and retain the best people.