Boer & Croon Management

Boer & Croon profiles itself as a management agency for the Netherlands. The focus is on executive management: management positions and management positions, and one level among large organizations. We provide managers for a longer period (permanent employment) and for specific assignments (contract management). Thanks to our large network and our long-term experience with interim management, we can offer fast solutions and a choice of high-quality candidates who have been carefully selected and screened. We also supply drivers for supervisory positions. The candidates we propose come from our network or we find them through executive search.

Young Executive Management We
also have talented young executives who can quickly be deployed in various situations and organizations. These carefully selected graduate academics have been associated with us for a number of years in a management development program. They are active in projects or in line and are keen to get organizations moving from the bottom up.

Expertise areas
Over the years, Boer & Croon has built up a great deal of experience and expertise. We have specific expertise in the following areas:

  • Restructuring and recovery
  • Governance and management structure
  • Composition of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board
  • Governing conflicts
  • Integration, unbundling and cooperation
  • Management and ICT investments
  • People & team development

Since 1973 we have created value for our customers by supplying top managers from our network for temporary positions of caliber, often with a certain degree of urgency. For more than 17 years we have also deployed our young, talented Young Executives to clients in roles as project manager, interim manager or consultant. With the combination of proven qualities at the highest level of our associates and the drive and potential of our young professionals, we offer a unique concept.

After more than forty years of being part of the Boer & Croon Group, with (in addition to) Management and Consultancy and Corporate Finance as well, Boer & Croon has been a specialized management agency since October 2014. The consultancy activities have ended and with our former colleagues from Corporate Finance we share an office and maintain a good cooperative relationship.