Cmotions consists of around 60 driven professionals who all work at the cutting edge of advanced analytics, data science and their application within organizations. It is our conviction that a multidisciplinary vision and approach lead to optimal results.

People, organizations, markets. They are all moving and constantly changing. It is important to follow these movements, explain them and, if possible, predict them. We take these 'Client motions' as the basis for establishing a supported direction for the further development of an organization.

We have an open and transparent culture in which we optimally showcase the qualities of our consultants. We are also down-to-earth, pragmatic and driven, and love a hands-on approach.

Our mission

We explain and predict developments that are important for the management of an organization. To this end, we use advanced analytics and data science. This ensures an optimal use of people, processes and resources.

We specialize in unlocking, analyzing and applying data for strategic, tactical and operational decisions. Hence Fact Based Decisions.

Based on analytical competences, we arrive at optimal management decisions with the client. We realize activities that result from this in a pragmatic, result-oriented and measurable way.


Business planning and strategy
formation Together with our clients, we set ambitions and we arrive at a clear strategy and data-driven approach. In this way we give direction and grip. Decisions made are based on experience, supported by analyzes and models.

How can I develop my organization? To what extent can I develop new revenue models with my current data? Which data governance structure do I need for this? What are feasible scenarios? What efforts and costs are needed for this? What are my results and performance indicators? Which buttons can I run and how do they relate to each other? How do I get this accepted in the organization? What results can I expect? And finally: what does that yield?

Organizing and managing
In a business strategy that is based on the optimal application of data science, there is a proper deployment of people, tooling, data processes and systems.

What determines the customer satisfaction and to what extent does this contribute to the return? What does an optimal customer journey look like? Where should I focus my acquisition and what is a responsible budget for this? How do I ensure optimal contact and optimal interaction with my target group? Which channels are most effective? How can I control my risks and what are these? Which tools and competencies do I need. Can I do this better or outsource? 

Analyzing and optimizing
Many analyzes provide insight into operational issues. How effective is a campaign, which customers seem to leave us, how can I, as an insurer, reduce my claims burden, how do I determine the right customer segment to acquire. Do I have the right data and the right customer image for this?