We are Conclusion. The multidisciplinary service provider in the field of Business Transformation and IT Services. With 20 companies, divided into four service lines, we are there for startups, growers and established names. We initiate, facilitate, develop, maintain and innovate. And that on a continuous basis, because the world is constantly changing. Digital transformation is in our genes. Just like attention to the human. Because IT is also about support. For example, we are busy solving problems every day and capitalizing on new opportunities. Driven by our motto; Business Done Differently.

Our unique ecosystem

Together with 20 different companies, we form one large ecosystem. We complement each other exactly where it is needed. That makes us agile, effective, resourceful and ... different. The same applies to our people. Meanwhile, the counter stands at more than 1400 colleagues and that counter is not standing still for the time being. A healthy dose of courage, creativity, team spirit and of course craftsmanship, you will find back from us.