Considerati is the legal and public affairs consultancy for the digital world. Organizations continuously innovate through the use of new technology and smarter use of data. Considerati helps technology and data-driven organizations to realize their goals within the framework of the law and with public support. We strengthen your organization by thinking along with you in a practical way and advising on issues where legislation and public opinion are still under development.

Legal advisors for privacy and data protection

The legal team at Considerati specializes in high-quality and pragmatic legal advice on privacy, data protection and related topics such as cyber security and liability of intermediaries. Our consultants help technology and data-driven companies and governments realize their goals by carefully organizing data processes, processing data responsibly and complying with laws and regulations.

Public affairs advisors for technology and data-driven companies

The public affairs team of Considerati advises and supports national and international technology and data-driven companies with their positioning and advocacy towards government, politicians and other stakeholders. Through our years of experience with public affairs for innovative companies, our substantive expertise and access to an extensive network of stakeholders, we help to strengthen your company's license to operate.

Considerati is your trusted advisor

Considerati has years of experience in advising organizations that make use of technology and data in a progressive way. The partners of Considerati have been working for more than ten years on the legal and social issues arising from the application of technology and data. With our unique combination of legal and public affairs advice we lay the connection between compliance of your organization and support from your stakeholders.

We not only help our clients with the legal interpretation and application of laws and regulations in their organization. We also help them to deal with and exert influence on rapidly changing legislation and policies. Considerati puts the client first. We immerse ourselves in your need, working method and business strategy, so that our advice fits as much as possible. Our clients value our creative, pragmatic and customer-oriented solutions.