CPMview is a specialist in corporate performance management (CPM). We advise, implement and guide CPM projects. Our service focuses on the entire cycle from financial closing to reporting and advanced analysis.

We distinguish ourselves with innovative, reliable solutions and services. With our combined expertise of finance, processes and modern technologies, we help our customers make informed decisions with the right insights about their performance and financial data.

Our solutions contribute to reliable, intelligent financial processes that save time and prevent unpleasant surprises. This enables the finance manager to act as a strategic partner of the business by looking ahead and concentrating on analysis issues rather than control issues.

Our customers are in the top 500 of Dutch business. 

Our services and unique proposition

CPMview works closely with suppliers of the best CPM products and solutions to deliver high-quality end-to-end services: advisory, implementation, training and managed services. Customers ask our services to be tailored to their unique needs in different industries and countries.

CPMview unites, modernizes and automates Finance and Analytics using innovative technologies from record to decision-making. With our distinctive broad service, we ensure that you can optimize the entire Finance process with one party. Of course we would also like to look ahead with you by using predictive forecasting, data science and analytics tools.