De issuemakers

We are De Issuemakers: a communication consultancy that advises and supports organizations that have or want to make a social impact. We do this by monitoring, managing and creating social and political issues. Since our establishment in 2007, we have been working with a team of 20 enthusiastic, substantively strong and creative professionals for various companies and organizations.

Food safety, stereotyping, digitization, inclusivity, the chicken, education, healthcare costs, TTIP or the glass ceiling. Developments in society and politics are an important starting point for De Issuemakers to strengthen the social or political position or reputation of our client.

At De Issuemakers we believe in a proactive attitude. And we do not see issues as a threat, but as an opportunity. An opportunity to position your organization socially, to bind people to you and - if the situation requires it - to walk ahead of the troops. We have good feelers for developments in society and politics and do not hesitate to propose unconventional solutions.