The Challenger Consultancy

Elixirr is a different type of consultancy. They help their clients change the game in their industries, and are changing the game in their own.

You can’t out-innovate the market. Elixirr help executive boards to truly understand this, and then work with them to ensure their business model can respond effectively to disruptive market forces. Elixirr work globally across financial services, retail and telecommunications and have bases in Europe, Africa and the US.

Founded in 2009 by Stephen Newton, Graham Busby, Andy Curtis, Mark Goodyear and Ian Ferguson, Elixirr has gone from strength to strength and is now a multi award-winning consultancy. They started out in sourcing advisory and execution before quickly expanding into operating model design, execution, business strategy and innovation, all in response to market demand.

On top of their consulting business, Elixirr also walk the talk when it comes to entrepreneurialism and innovation. They believe that by doing this themselves, they will deliver it for their clients every day. They’re doing this in a number of ways: Elixirr CapitalThe Pitch, a London startup accelerator, offering risk-reward and equity-based pricing models, and by investing in clients to demonstrate the importance they place on long-term partnerships.

Elixirr has just been named one of the fastest-growing firms in the US, as listed by Consulting magazine. They have also been listed as the fastest-growing management consultancy in the UK, and the third fastest-growing in Europe by the FT1000. 

Elixirr build businesses together – for their clients, and for themselves. You’ve heard of the challenger banks? They’re the challenger consultancy.

For more information, visit www.elixirr.com.

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