Enigma Consulting

Your ambition, realized together! That is what we stand for. Enigma consulting has grown into a progressive knowledge center in the field of  Payments . In recent years, our service package has been successfully expanded in the direction of Risk & Compliance and  Treasury ; areas that often affect payment transactions with our customers. Through the involvement of our consultants with our clients, both banks and companies, we are a connecting factor in the financial sector.

Enigma has a network of top professionals. Talent is a requirement, but development comes first. This is reflected, among other things, in stimulating entrepreneurship, which is given a lot of attention within Enigma. By ensuring the right balance between private and work and with training and coaching programs, we ensure that our consultants are working with pleasure and energy.

We are a social company and value ambition, honesty and corporate social responsibility. Enigma from this, for example, by supporting charities with sporting benefit actions. No challenge is too big here, thanks to collaboration everything is possible. 

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