Eurekon is a strategic consultancy. We have a passion for solving complex issues. We go beyond a brilliant analysis. We get large organizations moving. Together with our clients we develop solutions with both head and heart that are both recognizable and fundamentally different. And that contribute sustainably to a better result - both for our clients and for the world as a whole.

We work for large organizations. Together with our clients, we achieve breakthroughs in complex matters. Sector knowledge often comes from our clients, we bring a different view, structure and focused thinking power.

Our method

Our custom approach is unique. We understand current practice with an open, curious eye. Ask "stupid" questions, dive deep into the data and empathize with us. Understand the basic value drivers and do not let go until the puzzle is solved.

Depending on the situation, we choose our "tools". Do not expect standard methods, average models or lengthy presentations from us. Change requires clarity.

We formulate hypotheses that we then test. We combine (big) data analyzes with case studies, observations and interviews to gain better insights.

The result of our work: a concrete strategy in which it is immediately clear what to do tomorrow to achieve better sustainable results - in all layers of the organization.

View examples here where we have put our method into practice.