Eurogroup Consulting Italy

Eurogroup Consulting is a project founded in France in the ’80s, with the ambition to become the first management consulting group with a European breather and culture.

In July 2007, Improvance, together with other local businesses active in the consultancy service, establishes the Italian branch of Eurogroup Consulting.


We assist our clients in their transformation, supporting them from the strategy to the implementation, committing ourselves to ensure a positive impact for our clients, our people, the society and the environment.

We believe that most of the companies will face big transformation in the next years…

To “make the difference” and ensure long-lasting results, we are convinced that those transformations, have to tackle in a consistent way:

  • Engineering technology
  • Organization behavior
  • Digital technology
  • Business model

That’s where we can support our clients.

We assist our clients in their big transformations, supporting them from strategy to implementation:

  • Strategic guidelines
  • Business planning
  • Program management
  • Change management

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