Fairgrove Partners

Fairgrove Partners is a strategy consulting and commercial insight firm serving corporations, SMEs, private equity firms and their portfolio companies.

What we do

Fairgrove Partners helps companies to grow profitable sales and to be successful in mergers and acquisitions. We provide realistic, actionable recommendations so that managers, owners and investors can maximise returns and mitigate risk.

Our teams are experts in research, interviewing, modelling and conceptual thinking.  We use rigorous financial and commercial analyses in all our projects to identify the root causes of a company’s performance and competitive position. We love to make a difference, and often help clients to implement the practical and realistic steps we’ve identified to maximise business potential.

Powerful expertise at your service

Our client projects usually require a combination of different analytical techniques to get to the right answer. Our consultants are trained in a variety of quantitative and qualitative skills, giving them a strong all-round ‘tool kit’ of expertise for each assignment. Our analytical tool kit contains:

We are experts in analysing data: to spot trends, anomalies and correlations, to compare or benchmark company performance, to segment customer sets and draw insights about customer behaviour. We are equally comfortable manipulating large data sets or unpicking the economics of sector or company performance from statutory and management accounts. Our analyses always pass the ‘so what?’ test, which ensures they are relevant and incisive.

We interview customers, suppliers and other industry stakeholders to identify the root cause of business performance. Interviewing is an underrated skill, which requires extensive preparation, adaptive thinking, economy and clarity of expression as well as empathy, diplomacy and a human touch. In niche markets, where published research is non-existent, our experience shows that interviews are the only way to find the information required to solve the case. In addition to supporting research, we also use interviews to gauge customer and supplier satisfaction, and to test hypotheses.

The markets our clients operate in are often poorly researched – either because they are too niche, or because the published research is unreliable or out-of-date. Fairgrove’s consultants are experts at sizing, segmenting and analysing industries, markets and sectors through a combination of primary and secondary research. We are trained in sourcing hard-to-find data from the public domain. Where no published data exist, we build our own research programmes based on interviews, surveys, and other investigations.

Our advanced Excel skills mean we are able to build bespoke models for clients. These can include valuation models and sales disaggregation models, which allow businesses to report revenues and gross profits by any combination of geography, sector, customer, product or service.

Conceptual thinking
Wherever possible, we seek to simplify things for our clients. This often requires us to present complex industry structures, business models or processes – as well as abstract ideas – in a concise and intelligible way. Our ability to consider commercial issues from a fresh perspective, coupled with our access to a broad range of conceptual frameworks, means we are frequently complimented by our clients for ‘story-boarding’ dense or difficult material.

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