The concrete improvement of the financial function at our customers is the driving force for the Finext consultants. Customers ask Finext for advice and support in improving the management of the organization, managing costs, creating transparency and managing risks. 

Our unique organization form offers more than 150 professionals all the space to get the best out of themselves. This creates involvement, creativity and entrepreneurship in every customer situation, which means we quickly come to the core together. 

From Finext our conviction about the financial field is that:

  • Many financials do not fully utilize their talents; they can make much more difference.
  • Deficient means financials 'caught' in low value-added activities.
  • ICT tools act as a powerful enabler for greater added value.
  • We believe that finance is primarily human work. That it is mainly about a good conversation.
  • We believe in the power of simplicity. Mastery is in the limitation; no endless frameworks.

In short, we help financials return to the essence and return to the human dimension. Good tools are indispensable in this. 

Trust company
Finext has been working as a 'Trust company' since its foundation in 1999. Trust, transparency and communication are essential. Our pillars are central to everything we do:

  • Respect and trust
  • Personal responsibility
  • Doing business naturally
  • Talents above structures
  • Synergy

Network of niches
In the Finext network, real craftsmen and women organize niches around expert knowledge. In the center we share values ​​that lay the foundation for mutual trust. By working together with customers within the network of niches, powerful combinations of services are made. In this way, we are contributing in concrete terms to a stronger finance function in the Netherlands. 

Example of innovative organizational model
Finext regularly appears as an example of an innovative organizational model in books, trade journals and at conferences. From our practical experience, we help other organizations find ways that fit into their organization. Small steps can already bring a lot of results in this.