First Consulting

First Consulting is a rapidly growing, no-nonsense consultancy organisation with a passion for operational processes. We were founded in the Netherlands in 2006, and expanded to the UK in 2017. Our goal is to improve the organisational performance and lower costs for our clients. These improvements are sustainable, measurable, and achieved by adjusting processes, technology, and the organisation. We are active in the utilities, telecommunications, mobility, industry, and insurance sectors.

We don’t operate from a remote office, but at the office of our clients, in all layers of the organisation. By being present within the organisation, we are able to form a complete view of the current processes and their performance. We distinguish ourselves by combining in-depth process and system knowledge with the ability to help our clients deliver sustainable operational improvements.

Our consultants

Our consultants combine knowledge and decisiveness when designing smart, high quality solutions. They translate the client’s strategic direction to business processes, organisation, and IT while effortlessly transitioning between management, the general workforce – office and field, strategy, and operations in a very hands-on, down-to-earth manner. While doing so, a constant focus on measurable result is maintained. The consultants of First Consulting connect extensive process knowledge and effective leadership to translate client problems to straightforward solutions. Additionally, they connect IT expertise and insight to customer processes. By close collaboration with our clients they realise effective results on a daily basis. We deliver on our promises.

Our domains

We believe that a smart and simple business process forms the basis for optimal operations. Our starting point is always a concrete problem in our client’s operational organisation. Using the business process as a guideline, we conduct in depth analysis of the ‘as-is’ situation. We cooperate closely with people from the organisation: the employees from our clients who have real process knowledge. By combining process knowledge, techniques such as Lean, RPA and Process Mining, and operational rigour we derive impactful and value adding solutions.

We see IT as a method of making business processes transparent and allowing them to flow. We work according to Agile Scrum, which leads to faster software development, lower development and maintenance costs, improved data quality, and higher customer satisfaction. Our IT consultants are always looking to add value for our clients through the use of appropriate tools, that deliver the most value. We on four key capabilities: agile application development, reporting & analytics, data quality & migration, and financial asset management. While doing so, we cooperate closely with our software partners, such as Mendix, Spatial Eye, Yellowfin, and Informatica.

Our experience is that the human and organisational side is often neglected, while these are the aspects that are crucial for ensuring a sustainable solution and the delivery of benefits. At First, we acknowledge the importance of the human and organisational side of process changes, ensuring sufficient attention is given to these organisational elements in every phase. The facilitation of change in the organisation is explicitly considered in the analysis, design, and implementation phases. This leads to better insight in organisational bottlenecks, unambiguous and structured communication, increased involvement, commitment, and understanding of change. Our final goal is to increase knowledge and skills within the clients’ organisation with regards to change management.

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