We are flowant. We are convinced that employees who feel ownership make your organization sustainably successful. In addition, we believe that co-owners give wings to your organization!

Hands-on, together with the employees we increase ownership. We do this like no other by improving cooperation, processes, systems and performance. This increases the job satisfaction, efficiency, quality and effectiveness and thus the success of your employees and the organization. By coaching employees, managers and teams on a daily basis, while at the same time improving the system and cooperation, we realize continuous improvement behavior. We measure the maturity of the system, behavior and the improvement of the result. We will only leave when the agreed goals have been reached and your operational excellence strategy is rock solid. We apply Lean, Six Sigma, TPM, Agile where it helps to achieve your goals; hands-on and pragmatic.

We work together based on our principles:

√ We work together on a partnership basis
√ We work in connection with everyone in the organization
√ We are hands-on focused on execution at all levels
√ We create practical and working solutions together
√ We achieve agreed results together
√ We will only leave if the organization can continue to improve
√ We realize behavioral change and thereby ownership
√ We use this to create sustainable organizations that continuously learn