fte improvery

FTE Improvery is a growing part of the FTE Group and is a Consultancy & Training agency specialized in helping transform organizations to more results-oriented working and creating a culture of Continuous Improvement and Agile working. We believe that results can always be better.

We also believe that results should not only be effective in the short term, but more important in the long run. With our approach, we ensure that immediate results are achieved, that the result is permanent and that the organization is independently capable of continuous improvement. We believe that changing is human work, so we mainly focus on increasing people's capacity for change and not so much on 'tooling'.

We always adapt our approach to the ambitions of the customer. We help to clarify those ambitions, determine the first steps together and also take care of the implementation. The principle “for doing - doing together - doing it yourself” is ingrained in our approach. In this way, we ensure that continuous improvement continues at all levels (operational, tactical and strategic level) of the organization. Even when we are gone.