Galan Groep

The Galan Group helps clients themselves become more effective in solving their issues. After all, the client knows his own business best, but benefits from an outsider with a fresh view who commits himself to questions and results. Just when it is complicated. This keeps the client at the wheel and we use the knowledge and expertise of the organization.

The Galan Group has been around for more than 35 years. Our clients are now faced with complicated, multiple challenges. This requires driven advisors who look for what works in every situation. Our experience and vision are helpful in this. But also our curiosity and commitment to questions and client. Over the years, we have built up numerous sustainable relationships that we are working together with.

We like to help determine the direction and reach the goal in the complex force field in which many organizations find themselves. In addition, we are the flexible trusted advisor that delivers tailor-made solutions, both on strategy and organization and on organizational development. Who thinks and works independently, but can also empathize. He has great expertise, but is never the know-it-all. Who looks wide, thinks wrong and actively participates!