GalanNXT brings a new generation of talented management consultants forward, with sufficient flying hours to really make the difference. Organization consultants, who do not rest before they have convinced the environment of 'that is how it is possible'. People who do not take a leaf and do what has not been done before.

We work for institutions and organizations that want to do something socially. We share with them the conviction that the strategy determines the direction, but that it is the implementation that makes the difference. We bring results with our thinking power and people at tactical positions. In strategy and execution.

In addition to the assignments that we are allowed to carry out, we have the ambition to organize clients ourselves on social themes. Anyone who believes in the solutions he offers, of course, applies them himself.

Our DNA is therefore slightly different. We are explicit in our opinions, but we respect boundaries. We take responsibility and we are close. GalanNXT brings out the best in young talent. Our clients notice that on the energy we bring to the table.

Our team

Our team consists of enterprising young professionals with a demonstrable steep learning curve and a number of years of work experience at or for institutions and organizations that want to do something about it. From a natural flair and empathy, they are able to continuously switch between the boardroom and the shop floor. Each team member is individually guided and encouraged in a development program to make a development step again and again. As a participant in the extensive development program, our talents are prepared for roles as senior management consultant, organization developer, project, program or interim manager, or manager or social entrepreneur outside the consultancy firm. They are guided in this respect in the field of their professional and social entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, personal leadership and their substantive expertise. In addition, we are constantly inspired by our knowledge and business partners. "

Expertise areas

We have specific expertise in the following areas:

  • Organisation advice:
    • Strategy implementation
    • Transitiemanagement
  • Development:
    • Organisation development
    • Teamontwikkeling
    • Personal development
  • Interim:
    • Project management and PMO
    • Tactical interim management
    • Management and policy support
  • Social entrepreneurship