Gwynt is the consultancy firm for the family business and works with and for enterprising family businesses in industry, retail and wholesale. We dream of strong, proud family businesses in full bloom as the engine of society and leading in a changing world. We understand the dynamics of the family business and combine our market knowledge with substantive expertise and change power. Our customers achieve lasting results, flowering and a culture of continuous improvement.

Our working method is characterized by very close cooperation with our clients so that we can use the existing knowledge, experience and energy as much as possible. The combination of hard (processes, content, project management) and soft (behavior, management, change management) is an important starting point. Our approach is pragmatic and is not limited to giving advice alone, achieving results is paramount. This means that our projects are developed tailor-made. In doing so, we build on years of knowledge and proven results. We believe in the power of simplicity, hold up the mirror and actually 'do' it as the best way to get people and processes moving and to realize and secure changes.

Our experience lies with companies in the food and manufacturing industry, retailers, logistics service providers and wholesalers.