Hot ITem

Hot ITem believes in agile organizations that stay ahead of the competition by quickly adapting to new developments. Everything we do aims to improve the performance of people, departments and organizations in a distinctive way. We do this together with our customers, based on qualitative data and insight into the crucial issues. Themes that affect our services are: Steering and accountability with Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Big Data, Data Governance, Process Improvement, Sustainable Employability, Privacy Protection, Internet of Things, Cloud Strategy and Omnichannel.

Organization structure

We believe that we distinguish ourselves with our employees as an organization. At the moment our company counts almost 200 enthusiastic and passionate specialists. Hot ITem is organized from three focus areas:

  • Project
    Focused on delivery of the project deliverables within the agreed time and budget.
  • Personal development
    Aimed at soft skills and personal development of the employee so that it comes into its own power and can make the difference with the customer.
  • Professional knowledge
    Aimed at knowledge development of specific fields in the short and long term.

Multidisciplinary teams

Hot ITem has various specialists in the field of Business Intelligence and management with a substantive focus on technical, change management, business and / or functional level. Depending on a client assignment, a team is assembled based on the required knowledge and match with the corporate culture of the customer.

Core values ​​Hot ITem

The core values ​​we stand for are: inspiring, social, sharp, responsible and focused on growth. They are central to the way we do projects on a daily basis and how we coach and assess employees. When recruiting new employees, we use them to make clear who we are looking for, what new colleagues can expect from us and what aspects we assess in the selection process. With this we have anchored the core values ​​in our corporate culture and our HRM policy.

Result to be proud of

We believe it is important for every Hot ITem employee to take ownership and responsibility in order to get the most out of themselves, successfully and with pleasure, and to contribute to the results of our customers and Hot ITem. The management is also actively involved in our customer projects. In this way, the overhead remains limited, the relationship with customers closely and the involvement with colleagues is good. The hard work and going together for a result to be proud of, is seen by all of us as a success factor from the beginning.