ITDS Business Consultants

We challenge financial service providers to take the next step

We see what is possible, every day. Opportunities in the area of ​​technology, organization and social media. We see where banks, insurers and pension funds can go - and how they get there. That is why we challenge you to watch. Let go of what you know. And to take the step towards that new reality.

We are ITDS Business Consultants

ITDS is a consultancy firm for financial service providers. Since 1998 we have been working for appealing Dutch and international insurers, banks and pension funds. We combine this experience with in-depth knowledge of technology, legislation and digital marketing. Because the solutions that make the difference are on that cutting edge.

Together we put the future into practice

We combine current knowledge of your sector with a practical vision of the technology, legislation, digital business and HR of tomorrow. We effortlessly switch from social media to risk management and future-proof organization. We are open to every new road. Because innovation really starts outside the framework. Are you ready?

We let banks, insurers and pension funds excel. Today - and certainly tomorrow

If there was ever an exciting time to work in financial services, it is today. Change is the norm, stress is a constant. Because everything goes upside down is a fact. That makes the future unpredictable - and irresistible. We believe in the strength and value of financial service providers. And see opportunities too. That is why we like to be the link between our clients and their potential.

We are your partner at every next step

In a world where there is less and less certainty, everyone wants to be able to build on a solid financial basis. The industry is now facing major challenges. It must be more digital and social, legislation requires new requirements, costs must be reduced. With 175 men and women, we think, work and do business with financial service providers. Together we keep the financial sector strong. So everyone can continue to count on the security he needs.