Together with our clients we create innovative solutions for issues that are socially and economically important. We initiate, advise and realize. Always independent, driven and inspiring. Our strength lies in our approach: a solid mix of thinking, connecting and doing. 

We focus on a number of important themes in society: Sustainable economy and environment; Ecosystems and public-private cooperation; Financing; Entrepreneurship, innovation and growth; Social economy; Transformation of public organizations.

Who we are
Whoever is involved is involved. We see that every day at KplusV. Clients and initiators know where to find us. For sound advice. For our knowledge of both the public sector and the business community. For our experience with innovative projects. And for our entrepreneurial mentality. We often take the initiative to bring parties together. Because we love driving and results.

What we do
We connect people and possibilities. We are good at that. We let public organizations and companies excel so that they get the best out of themselves and each other. Connect as a means, not as a goal. With smart solutions that are meaningful for society and clients. You can find us wherever opportunities and ambitions come together. In the public sector that faces societal challenges. For companies with strategic and operational issues. With organizations in transition. 

How we connect
In any case always informal and collegial. But with a huge drive to make projects succeed. With inspiring initiatives and good ideas. As a consultant, quartermaster, program manager or guide ... As long as it succeeds. We think, dare and do. That attitude makes us a modern, no-nonsense knowledge company. Flexible, innovative and result-driven. Demonstrable.

And why we do it
Our strength lies in our approach: a solid mix of thinking, connecting and doing. Bring the parties and resources together successfully. Preferably in a public-private ecosystem. Because that offers opportunities to create structural and long-term value that you can not only achieve. We have been working with it since 1984. And our ambition is to remain market leader in this. Because that's how we deliver and experience the added value every day. With our projects, with our clients, in society and with ourselves ... KplusV initiates, advises, connects and realizes. Now and in the future.