Kruger has been a pragmatic and result-oriented approach for more than 25 years. Based on experience with a very large number of companies, from every business sector. We always put the interests of your company first. And take the core qualities as a starting point. From there we realize (new) perspective for your company. In the field of business management, corporate finance, interim management and recruitment & selection.

From acquaintance to collaboration

We are happy to meet you. Each process starts with an exploratory interview, to agree on what your exact question is. We think it is important that there is mutual trust. After all, we will work closely together. Together with you we take the road to responsible decisions. And work - where possible - together with your accountant, tax specialist and / or lawyer.

Direct and clear

We are happy to go directly to each other. Do not make things more beautiful than they are. That is in our mentality. Do not expect any great stories, but the real story that lies ahead of you. We translate our advice into concrete recommendations with actions, timeline and substantiated prognoses. Our reports are short, concise and written in clear language. So that they are useful for you and possibly other stakeholders.

Total approach

We map out your company in an integrated way and identify areas for which specific attention is required. We oversee the entire playing field with our broad expertise and extensive network. This means that we not only look at growth, but also at the opportunities that can bring less growth and contraction. Looking forward but also looking backwards, to history and core qualities. We look at both the company and the environment and always do this together with the company. You can also count on surprising solutions. From our findings we indicate which alternative solutions are available. What are the (financial) consequences of this. And how we can support with necessary actions.


Corporate Restructuring and Recovery, Corporate Finance, Interim Management in (near) crisis situations, Cash Management, Strategy and Recruitment & Selection.