Kurtosis helps public organizations with social issues with evidence-based insights and advice. We are a growing agency with experienced professionals in the field of data analysis, data science and data-driven work. Facts, figures & fun is what drives us.

By connecting data and domain knowledge, we offer insights and solutions that help to get a better grip on the issue. With this powerful combination, we help customers improve their (social) performance: goal-oriented, concrete and realistic.

Business intelligence

We help organizations to collect, record and analyze data in a targeted manner and to apply the resulting information and knowledge in decision-making processes to improve the performance of the organization. We do this with dashboards focused on business operations, finance and control, policy effects, forecasts and forecasts.


We help customers to work with data driven. We use our domain knowledge and years of experience in the public sector to realize sustainable solutions for our clients. We think it is important that the solutions to be implemented are of lasting value and are part of the (new) working method.


We collect and validate data from different sources to gain insights. If data or documents that are already available do not yet offer sufficient insights, we will use targeted research methods to answer the issue properly.


The Kurtosis Academy provides (introduction) training courses on data science methodologies, in-depth and professional training courses and learning to master commonly used tools. We do this for our own employees and in-house with our clients. In addition, our consultants regularly give master classes on current topics.


We are also available for a temporary need for a data professional for a project or pilot. We employ people who can be deployed within information management as data analyst, researcher, policy analyst, project leader, information manager and process supervisor.