LACE Partners

LACE Partners is a fundamentally different HR transformation consultancy. We combine on-demand expertise of top HR and technology specialists, with the market leaders in progressive people technology to offer our clients a bespoke, holistic experience. Our passion and belief that people hold the key to unlocking company value is at the heart of everything we do. We provide a flexible, comprehensive service to help clients solve their business and technology challenges. Our unique operating model allows us to drive innovation, quality and collaboration whilst ensuring great value at a competitive price.

Our offerings

Transform HR
Our team has a powerful mix of operational HR and consultancy experience, globally and across industries.  We’ve worked with many clients to make a fundamental difference to HR’s ability to deliver real value.  This means we can help to re-imagine and super-charge what HR can do for organisations. We’ve developed tools and methods, so we are quick to deploy, whilst at the same time delivering a tailored solution driven by the client’s vision. We dig deep to understand what making a difference means for a business, focusing on everything from employee experience, HR strategy and structure to capabilities, processes and systems.

Select HR Tech
We know just how saturated the HR tech market can be and how difficult it is to navigate. That’s why, from outlining a client’s requirements, to the selection of the tech itself and to mobilisation and beyond, our experts are there to guide organisations every step of the way. Our in-house research team identifies emerging trends and tech to bring our clients innovative approaches that will positively change the lives of people in their organisation. To make any programme a success, organisations need to be smart and decisive. That’s why we adapt strategies and implement inflight to achieve the greatest business benefit.

Adopt HR Tech
Letting employees know about a new HR system and showing them how to use it is the easy bit – embedding new ways of working into how an organisation manages people every day is the real challenge. We guide businesses as they undergo the challenging task of adopting new, innovative tech. We help organisations protect their ROI, stability and longevity, by bringing them long-term systems and ways of working that are right for organisations and people.

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