Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions has grown into the market leader in the mid-market in more than 20 years. Marktlink works nationwide from the Amsterdam, Deventer, Gouda and 's-Hertogenbosch locations. Marktlink Merger & Acquisitions was founded in 1996, has 60 employees and annually closes more than 60 deals, of which 33% is international. 

Marktlink works across sectors, has been expanded with 17 new employees in 2017, making it the fastest growing M & A boutique in the Benelux. The ambition of Marktlink is to grow (internationally) in the coming years to a team of 150 professionals.

Marktlink accompanies the purchase or sale of a company

As a specialist, Marktlink supports mergers and acquisitions within the SME + in an independent and discreet manner. Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions operates for both buyers and sellers in the market, for which the entire process from initial orientation up to and including the transfer is provided at the notary. In addition, the organization acts as an independent advisor for valuation, financing and conflict mediation.

Getting deals done

Unlike many M & A boutiques, Marktlink was not founded by former employees of a bank or accounting firm. Marktlink was founded by a group of entrepreneurs. And that entrepreneurial character is still in Marklink's DNA. On the basis of an energetic, proactive attitude in combination with a broad network and a positive attitude around Marktlink, 95% of the assignments are completed successfully. Under the motto 'getting deals done', Marktlink is looking for the right solution for the customer day in and day out!


Marktlink acts as an independent acquisition advisor. Marktlink offers the following services:

  • sell your business
  • buy a business
  • Management Buy In (MBI)
  • Management Buy Out (MBO)
  • Financing
  • Legal guidance
  • Value determination company
  • Conflictmanagement
  • Family businesses
  • International acquisitions