The services we provide to our clients from Mitopics as an IT consultancy firm are diverse. Every question is different and every organization is different. This requires customization. We provide tailor-made advice based on our specific knowledge and industry experience. You can always count on professional advice and we want to deliver substantial added value every time.

Our core values ​​are thus interwoven with our expressions and our way of working. Choosing Mitopics means trusting more than 25 years of experience. The basis for this is still our independence and the bundling of technical, legal and business expertise. That is really our strength. Furthermore, quality, fun and development always come first.

We strive for long-term relationships with customers and have noticed that this is mutual. That works well and gives confidence over and over again.

The services of Mitopics consists of:

  • Strategy
    • Policy
    • Director
    • Review
  • Purchasing tender Outsourcing
    • Approach and feasibility
    • Cutlery
    • Purchasing process
  • Package selection and renewal
    • Demands and wishes
    • Package and partner selection
    • Implementatiebegeleiding
  • Similarities
    • Contracts / licenses / SLAs
    • Negotiation and disputes
    • Contractmanagement
  • Privacy
    • Policy and PIA
    • Agreements and communication
    • Data leaks and claims
  • Rating
    • Scans & audits
    • Second opinions
    • Expert reports and appraisals

How we can help you

We support our clients in the above areas. In addition to our regular deployment as an advisor, we also take care of our customers if required:

  • Project management
  • Second opinion
  • Training