MLC is the consultancy in the area of ​​Customer Excellence. We inspire organizations to passion for the customer.   Together with the customer, we ensure an optimal Customer Experience and a customer-driven organization by setting up customer journeys and Continuously improving the processes in the organization. Our approach ensures that everyone within your organization can really contribute to improving customer-to-customer processes and exceeding customer expectations. Result: loyal, enthusiastic customers and employees!

Our solutions in the area of ​​Customer Experience Management, Digital process transformation and In Control make the difference. The result and our added value, that's what we like to pay for.

In addition, we also offer interim solutions and MLC is active in the field of knowledge sharing with, among others, its MLC Academy. In 2016 MLC launched the label The Agile Coach Company. MLC offers the following solutions and services:

Customer Experience Management
For an optimal Customer Experience you want to exceed the expectations of the customer.   The arrival of extra channels and the increase of Big Data make it possible to realize the ideal customer experience. Your organization can distinguish itself from this.

Digital process transformation
New technologies follow each other faster and faster. The amount of data increases, applications become smarter and computers faster. This rapidly changing world will have a major impact on all processes and functions in your organization. With the help of Process Mining and Process Analytics MLC can help your organization to make diagnoses faster.

In Control
Customers, regulators and shareholders have been calling for transparency for some time. We help organizations to get risk management in order by drawing up a standards framework and integrating them with the internal processes

Do you temporarily need extra capacity? MLC helps with interim solutions. Our enthusiastic and enthusiastic interim professionals all have their own expertise and experience. They are able to make the difference in a short time, practical and hands-on.

MLC Academy
We feel the responsibility to share our knowledge and experience in Customer Excellence. With the MLC Academy we bring theory and practice together. The starting point is always the assurance within the own work situation.