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In the rapidly changing world, it is necessary to make the right strategic decisions with which you can successfully meet success, now and in the future. Whether it's the pursuit of new growth, delivering the latest innovations, maximizing existing returns or managing risks more effectively, companies must be ready to act during the unique moments that determine future success and failure. 

That is what Monitor Deloitte excels at. At Monitor Deloitte, Deloitte's strategy consulting team, we help leading international organizations with confidence through the future by making clear, timely and inspiring strategic choices. In 2012, the Monitor Group was taken over by Deloitte and integrated into the global Strategy Consulting practice. This builds on the legacy of six Harvard Business School business leaders (including Michael Porter, Roger Martin and Larry Keeley).

Our consultants

The strategy consultants of Monitor Deloitte combine in-depth experience on strategic issues with the expertise of other teams within Deloitte (eg Deloitte Digital), enabling us to help our clients resolve their most crucial decisions, create value and achieve transformational success. The key to sustainable growth is achieved by answering the questions ' where to play ' and ' how to win ' from Monitor's Strategic Choice Cascade ™ and by ensuring that the business model is future-proof. Monitor Deloitte has grown enormously in recent years and currently consists of more than 100 strategy consultants. 

What makes us unique?

We promote an innovation culture that encourages the development of new solutions for the next generation. As top talent within Monitor Deloitte you think 'outside of the box' to find the best solutions, supported by clear project objectives and plans. From day 1 you will work with clients, you will be given responsibility and you take initiative yourself. You will work closely with ambitious Deloitte colleagues from other disciplines (such as Analytics, Innovation and Deloitte Digital) and regions. Your expertise is crucial in these multidisciplinary teams.

Projects within Monitor Deloitte can be divided into five important competence areas:

  • Corporate & business unit strategy
  • Innovation
  • Digital strategy
  • Customer & market strategy
  • Business transformation

Our culture can best be described as open and friendly, with a wide variety of career paths that enhance individual career flexibility and commitment. We will support your personal development with our exceptional learning program (including the possibility of following an MBA at a top business school or working for a Deloitte member firm abroad), a tailor-made competence model and continuous feedback.

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